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Book matched Hard Maple Charcuterie Board

Book matched Hard Maple Charcuterie Board

$325.00 Regular Price
$275.00Sale Price

This Hard Maple Charcuterie board has been book matched. A solid piece of hard maple was split, with the matching edges joined to make a mirrored look in the wood grain. This piece is approximately 28" long by 9" wide. 

  • Care and use

    Charcuterie boards and Cheese boards are not typical cutting boards. With the surface being face grain and edge grain, they are designed as serving and presentation boards. Slicing cheese or displaying a spread of meats, cheeses, and other foods, will provide an added touch of class to your party. 

    These boards are finished with food grade oils and waxes. They are not dishwasher safe and should not be soaked. Simply clean off with a sponge or dish cloth, rinse with clean water, dry, and apply more conditioner as needed to preserve the wood. 

    Each piece comes with 1 tin of our custom conditioner that can be applied as you would with any wax product. 


    These pieces are custom pieces and not mass produced. Each board is made to unique specifications. As natural wood products, they have properties such as knots, variations in their grain, and other traits that separate them from any other piece. We will gladly replace your board if there is a defect when you receive your custom piece. We cannot provide an exact match but can attempt to produce a replacement that is as close to the original as possible. We will not replace a board that has been subjected to being washed in a dishwasher or soaked in the sink. Depending on damage the piece sustains, we may work with you to try to repair a piece that is damaged.


    We provide free USPS shipping on all purchases over $250, anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping to other areas can be discussed in advance of purchase.

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