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About Papa Z's Wood Shop

Papa Z's Woodshop is the result of many years of rehabilitation and rediscovery. Z is a Service-Connected Paralyzed Navy Veteran. Z's grandfather worked as a pipefitter in the steel mills but did woodworking as a hobby. The family dining room table was an anniversary gift from Z's grandfather for Z's grandmother. Z grew up in a family that believed in repurposing items and restoring things.
While in the Navy, Z would buy furniture from 2nd hand stores and refinish or recover them, to save money and make each new home feel like their own. 
Z's love for woodworking continued and he and his wife continued to add to their tools and skills. When the world came to a halt due to Covid, Z's hours as a rehabilitation counselor were reduced to basically nothing. This allowed Z more time in the shop. Finally, his wife explained that if it were actually a business, all of the new tools could be a source of tax deductions! 
Z had already produced cheese boards for friends and made other items on his lathe and in the shop. So, the transition was the logical next step. 
Papa Z's Woodshop is the culmination of a lifelong passion for working with wood, creating functional pieces of art, and a very effective form of therapy. 
We invite you to look around and contact us to allow us to create that custom piece for you, your home, or as a gift.

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